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Follow this page to read the best tips about garage door systems and how you can keep them clean and well maintained

  • Wooden doors

    Maintaining your wood garage door requires more maintenance than with one made from metal. Make sure the paint on the inside of your door is maintained as well as the outside. Painting not only is an aesthetic change to your door, it also keeps the wood from warping or rotting. Repaint both the inside and outside of your door at least every two to three years. And when your door becomes slower to operate or stops completely, give our experts a call for the finest service and maintenance available.

  • Garage doors and openers are not playthings

    For some children, it might look like fun to magically open and close your door at just the touch of a button. However, you need to make it clear to everyone in your household, especially the younger ones, that the automated garage door and its corresponding opener are not toys and should not be treated as such. They are extremely heavy and accidents can happen so quickly.

  • Dealing with branded garage door openers

    When troubleshooting electric garage door openers, our garage door specialists suggest that you refer to their respective manuals. Different garage door openers from different brands, from Liftmaster to Genie and Chamberlain, have different troubleshooting methods. To be safe, don’t assume that they are similar in most aspects.

  • The influence of garage door material on power consumption

    Your choice of a garage door panel and frame can influence the amount of electricity you consume so be mindful of your choice. During winters, if you have a non-insulated garage door with steel or aluminum frame and panel, our garage door experts say that you will consume more power if your garage is covered by your central heating system.

  • A garage door can add to home value

    Do you really need to replace your garage door? If you are planning to sell your home, you may want to consider this step. A number of surveys indicate that a considerable majority of those who have sold their homes believe that their home value increased with the addition or replacement of their garage door.

  • Avoid leaving remote control of garage door in your car

    Thieves may gain access to it and even enter your house. Use a key chain remote and make sure to lock the entrance each time you have used it. Our technicians can program your lock system accordingly to prevent any unauthorized access.

  • Retouch the Paint or Finish

    For painted garage doors, repainting the body when patches of paint have flaked off is important. Not only is it visually unappealing, but exposed parts of both wooden and steel garage doors make the door itself prone to damage from the weather. Water can cause wooden garage doors to become softer, while rust can build up on steel garage doors.

  • Don’t Leave the Remote

    Burglars get access to your car and inside your home using the garage door remote control. Make sure not to leave it anywhere. When going to the office, you can bring it with you. You can also purchase a key chain where you can put everything.

  • Avoid Half Open Doors

    Garage door accidents happen since it’s left half open. When the garage door remote controls are used; the doors go lower and trapping objects along the way. According to our professionals, this is one of the reasons garage doors end up broken. 

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