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Follow this page to get your garage door questions answered! Everything you want to know about garage systems

  • Can I replace only one panel?

    The benefit of having sectional doors is that you can replace only one panel if it's damaged. What is questioned here is whether you will be able to find the identical panel in Oceanside. If not, you can use a similar one and have it painted accordingly. What's important is that you can replace it.

  • Which is better? Extension or torsion springs?

    Our experts agree that torsion garage door springs are better because they tend to last longer, aside from being stronger compared to extension springs. Torsion springs also balance the door’s weight better, which is important in ensuring the door’s smooth operation. They work like a torque, twisting and coiling when pressure is applied.

  • Which garage door parts require testing?

    It is mandatory for the spring to be tested, according to our experts in Oceanside. This is important since it is this part which bears the weight of the door during movement. The safety sensors and the safety reversal mechanism have to be tested as well. If any problems are identified, they have to be fixed right away.

  • What are the features that will increase your garage door’s value?

    Most garages are treated as workshop or living areas. There are insulated garage doors that you can buy to increase energy efficiency in such a space. As an added feature, you may also apply weather seals in between the sections and a bottom seals at the threshold.

  • What determines the speed of garage doors?

    The garage door opener will basically determine the speed with which the door moves and most of them range from seven to 12 inch/second. So, you must get garage door motors with the right horsepower based on the weight of the door. The condition of springs and cables will also determine the pace of the door.

  • Where should I put my garage door remote control?

    According to experts in Oceanside garage door, the best place to keep the remote control safe is your bag. You can bring it with you always. Never leave it inside your car. It will be taken away easily. Don’t hide it inside your house too as they might be misplaced.

  • What is the best advice to avoid garage door injury?

    Injury when opening garage door is inevitable. The best thing to do is to avoid leaving the door half opened. If you want to open it, go ahead and open it in full. Putting it in the middle will surely invite injuries when touched.

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