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Gate Repair Services

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Oceanside Garage Door Experts is a great service provider not only for garage doors but also for gates. Our company widely covers all problems related to these automatic systems and is here to provide immediate repair services. We have numerous contractors and carry a variety of tools in order to fix issues and replace broken gate parts. Our pride is our technicians and their capacity to carry out every service with respect to your environment, needs and wishes. We are a full gate repair and installation service provider and promise outstanding work, which will not only ensure security but also safety.


Take a look of what we offer

Gate Repair in OceansidePeople can trust our company for all their needs. The range of our services covers preventive maintenance and same day repairs. We are emergency contractors and deal with serious problems 24/7. You can depend on us every single time you need troubleshooting, repairs or the replacement of parts. Here is a small example of what our service provider offers.


Electric gate troubleshooting
Call us when problems pop up. We are excellent automatic gate troubleshooting experts and thanks to our experience we can easily find the cause of the problem. We repair the issues fast and make sure the mechanism operates perfectly. 


Rolling gate wheels repair
When the sliding gate wheels are loose or worn, movement will be difficult. Our teams can check their condition, lubricate and tighten them. If they are damaged and beyond repair, we will replace them. New products are ordered from good manufacturers, which can ensure high quality parts. Our replacement service is exceptional and will take place whenever it is convenient for you.


Swing gate hinge replacement
Hinges are extremely important for swing gates. When they are loose, we just tighten them and adjust the panels. If they are rusty or broken, we simply replace them. We make sure the new hinges are installed with precision so that the panels will open and close properly.


Gate opener services
We service openers with attention. We assure our customers that our technicians are familiar with all types of operators and provide full services. We install new ones, replace the existing ones and are here to solve problems and maintain them at all times. All services are done in accordance with safety regulations.


Gate phone entry system installation
Intercoms are practical solutions for convenient access but also control of the property and we are masters in their installation. If you want a new phone entry system for a gated community or your private detached home, you can rely on our installers. Our company proudly works with the best and we have the skill to install all types of intercoms.


We offer services 24/7. When problems are serious and prevent the full opening or closing of the gate, our assistance is immediate. Our teams are also available for maintenance service in order to prevent issues and ensure that the whole system will operate with safety. Our capacities extend to all your needs. We won't only install your intercom system but also maintain it. We won't only repair wheels but also tracks and every part of the mechanism. You will have the full support of our company when you have questions or problems. So, don't hesitate to contact us about anything that concerns you!

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